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    본교 신입생을 위한 자료실입니다. 

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    2018 신입생




 Thank you for visiting Daeil Foreign Language High School   

    Daeil Foreign Language High School is the first foreign language high school to have been founded in Korea, in 1983. The school has the vision of educating global leaders. The school leads various and specialized foreign language education programs and offers the most number of languages of any foreign language high school: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and English.

"Educare" is the fundamental educational philosophy of Daeil Foreign Language High School. Our capable teaching faculty provides top quality education year round with compassion and care for each and every student.

We offer a variety of educational programs that enable gifted students to achieve success in their academic pursuits without the need for assistance from private education. Our educational programs focus intensely on facilitating students' self-motivated learning capabilities.

Our educational community brings teachers, students, parents and alumni together under the commitment of nurturing future global leaders who embody discipline and creativity.

Thank you.

Lee Dowhon, Principal